Complete Start to Finish CD Recording Packages

    With a major record company contract, two hundred thousand dollars to spend on recording not counting the design and manufacturing and executives overseeing all aspects of the project from beginning to end you can figure on making a good CD. Not everyone is in this situation.

    A more common scenario is the cost conscious expending much effort and resources to make it as cheap as possible. They record and package it themselves or work with amateur engineers and low budget studios getting ineffective results. These folks can pay the most! Your CD is your calling card. It is a representation of what you do. Your first impression can make all the difference and you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

    When doing it on your own costs can soar and the cost and results can be unpredictable and who knows when it will get done if at all. If you are serious, being ready musically and financially, here is a solution dramatically reducing the difficulties and cost of making a quality CD.

    This package is intended for a well-rehearsed band that will be spending their time getting a perfected performance rather than learning or experimenting with a new song. It will be expected that your instruments are in good shape with new or good drum heads & strings, no squeaks, buzzes, intonation is on, etc. The package deal is designed to meet your goals, within a specific amount of time typically recording on consecutive days. Sufficient time is allotted to give you a preset real total cost. We can't offer unlimited time at a preset price. (If you cannot finish recording in the specified package time or want to re-record parts later it will be done at an additional hourly rate. This package and preparation makes possible a fine product at a set cost.

    On the complete start to finish CD recording package we co-produce with you to help insure it all gets done. The band will make the artistic decisions choosing the songs and arrangements they like best and spend most of their time getting a great performance. After all parts are recorded satisfactorily we will all listen to a rough mix and take mix notes and comments from band members. The largest amount of time will be spent in mixing and mastering without the band present. The band will review the final mix prior to mastering. One change/remix adjustment of any of the songs on Complete Start to Finish CD Recording Package is included free prior to mastering. If you want to go beyond that then an additional hourly rate goes into effect.

    If you want to be in complete control, working on new songs and arrangements or do a lot of experimenting and writing then working hourly is the way to go and you can determine your own guidelines.

    With the package you are provided with a well coordinated recording process giving you a real total cost with real results and real value. You can do it right the first time getting the greatest bang for the buck.

    You will have the benefit of smooth productive sessions translating to you getting a great performance. Obstacles that delay and block your progress are removed. Recording in a professional studio environment, the bar is elevated however this is a safe and pleasant experience because you're in good hands. Not only are you taken care of in the sessions but now you have a team of industry experts behind the scenes taking care of the fine details to complete your quality "ready to sell" CD product.

    Think of it like a recording retreat providing a musical getaway for all involved. You are away from your normal routine and distractions. The essentials are taken care of for you. It's easy to get on with your music in a comfortable undisturbed environment. The complete start to finish CD recording package is designed to make it happen for you giving the absolute best results for the least dollar and will make you a profit if you follow through with sales.

Package is based on using original or public domain songs. Using currently released commercial songs will require you getting a mechanical license for each song.


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